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The Alps Biome consists of very steep and tall mountains.  They are made of stone coated with a very thick layer of snow. Spring Water is found in this biome in pools a few blocks below the surface. Pools of frozen water spawn on the top as well.

The Alps soar much higher than the cloud layer, at around y=200, though is flat on the top. It is a cold biome, water will freeze, and has snow instead of rain. So, if you want to make a farm, you'll need to cover up your water.

Survival Tactics Edit

The Alps are difficult, in a word. However, with exterior connections you may find that it's quite enjoyable, abeit being featureless at the top, it is still a place for magnificent views. Spring Water is there for you to heal if you are low on health.

Everything is covered in snow, and basically the only resources are snow, ice and stone. The passive mobs are fairly rare, so you will find that a wheat or such farm is the only way to sustainably live. At night, many mobs spawn on top of the alps as well.

Mining is tedious - getting down to anywhere near diamond would take a long time. You won't get many visitors even if you want them for multiplayer. Plus, the giant cliffs aren't good for your health if you happen to slip, and the fact that there are no caves will impede your progress.


  • In real life, the European Alps are one of the great mountain range systems of Europe. The highest peaks of the Alps are higher than 4,000 meters (the highest peak is the Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco with its 4,810 meters high).
    • There is also a mountain range in New Zealand called the Southern Alps, because of the resemblance to the European Alps. It was the filming location of the Misty Mountains scene from the live-action film adaptation of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Some other biomes can be as high or almost as high (crag, mesa) as the alps biome, though are not covered with snow.
  • The Biome ID before 1.8 was 173




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