The Alps consist of a single mountainous landmass, with a mostly-flat top meant to sit at a certain altitude. Many instances of Alps biomes tend to have an Alps Foothills subbiome. This results in a mutational effect where the majority of the biome is at a lowered altitude, while a couple of 'peaks' rise higher than the rest. Otherwise, the Alps' surface may contain light hills and small dips like the vanilla Plains biome.


Small/medium frozen pools of water appear on top of it. On rare occasions, Spring Water can spawn in tiny pools under the Alps' surface. Biomes that are adjacent to the Alps generally slope upwards as a part of their transition. The Alps have a sub-biome known as the Alps Foothills.

The Alps soar much higher than the cloud layer, at around y=200, though they are flat on the top. It is a cold biome, water will freeze, and it has snow instead of rain.

Natural Hazards Edit

The Alps are, of course, incredibly high. Even falling from a peak to the foothills - about two fifths of the total fall - can prove to be deadly. Caves can also be hidden by snow, causing you to fall in if you dig below the snow layer.


There is no vegetation in this biome, other than subterranean fungi.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Passive mobs don't spawn in the Alps biome itself, but may spawn in the Alps Foothills and find their way up the mountain. These mobs are primarily Llamas, but sheep can occasionally be found. Hostile mobs spawn all over the Alps at night.


The Alps biome is a relatively tough biome to survive in. With little to no food sources, and wood being tough to find (trees may grow naturally in the foothills, but once you chop them, they're hard to regrow), the Alps are certainly not a good place to live unless you come prepared.

The Alps (of course) are topped by a thick layer of snow. Under the snow is the actual mountain, composed of stone. Small/medium caves can be found, but the only ore you are likely to find is coal (due to the altitude, it will also spawn in very small quantities around 2-5 per vein.). If an Alps Foothills biome generated, you may be able to find some wood from Fir Trees. Small pools of Spring Water may also spawn under the snow or in tiny caves.

The Alps themselves completely lack a food source, but food can be taken from the sheep that occasionally spawn on the foothills. Zombies will also drop Rotten Flesh, so gather them up if you need some extra food.

Mechanics Edit

The primary mechanics of the Alps include its cold weather and generally inhospitable gameplay style. A unique mechanic common to high-altitude biomes is the lack of ores, which is caused by the incredible height of the biome. The presence of Spring Water, which is the rarest liquid in the Overworld, makes up for this severe disadvantage.

Changelog Edit

Biomes o' Plenty Version Changes
Build 1.7.2- Alps were apparently 'readded'. Original addition date is unknown due to the gaps in the official changelog.
Build 1.7.2- The "Alps Forest" sub-biome was added. The biome is not currently in BOP, and it is unknown what has happened to its files.
Build 1.7.2- Tweaks and bug fixes
Build 1.8- "Initial Implementation". It is unknown what is meant by this, as earlier changelog versions already mentioned the addition and editing of the Alps.
Build 1.8- "Initial Implementation" (???) mentioned again.
Build 1.8- Emerald generation was added to the Alps.
Build 1.8.9- The amount of snow on the Alps was increased.
Build 1.9.4- The amount of hot springs in the Alps, along with other biomes, was tweaked.
Build 1.11.2- The possibility of the Cold Beach spawning adjacent to the Alps was removed.
Build 1.11.2- The Alps Foothills sub-biome was added.


  • In real life, the European Alps are one of the great mountain range systems of Europe. The highest peaks of the Alps are higher than 4,000 meters (the highest peak is the Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco with its 4,810 meters high).
  • There is also a mountain range in New Zealand called the Southern Alps, because of the resemblance to the European Alps. It was the filming location of the Misty Mountains scene from the live-action film adaptation of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Some other biomes can be as high or almost as high (crag, mesa) as the alps biome, though are not covered with snow.
  • The Biome ID before 1.8 was 173
  • The original appearance of the Alps consisted of a massive landmass crowned by trees and a thin layer of snow. A more recent appearance had thicker snow, and lacked trees. As of the most recent update, the Alps are generally no longer flat; They are more dynamic in height, and tend to have an Alps Foothills biome, yielding a decent supply of wood.
  • Due to the regeneration effect caused by the spring water, it is possible to survive nearly anything by simply staying in the water.




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