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This page contains features of Biomes o' Plenty which are removed in later versions.

The Autumn Hills biome featured jutting hills punctuated by soaring firs, Persimmon trees, the occasional dead fell, and rough ground cover. The grass was a very muddy green verging on brown, and the sky was a vibrant blue. In a BoP update that made the mod compatible with Minecraft 1.7.2, the Autumn Hills were removed.

Vegetation Edit

Fir Trees, Oak Trees, Dead Trees, and Persimmon Trees

The underbrush included tall grass, wheat grass, Poison Ivy and thorns.

Pumpkins spawned here more often than other forest-hills style biomes.

Bushes spawned less commonly here, but almost all of them contained berries that grew back fast.

Mobs & NPCs Edit

Sheep, pigs and cows spawned here. Small groups of pumpkins could be found here. Pink sheep could spawn here in large groups, but they were a rare find.

Survival Edit

Recommended Resources: Edit

- None; They're all here.

Recommended Strategy: Edit

The Autumn Hills were just like any other forest biome in Minecraft, with the exception of hills and natural hazards (Thorns and Ivy). Survive here like you would in a vanilla Minecraft forest.

Changes Edit

This biome was removed after BoP 1.2.0.