Overcast skies overlook a lush swampy area with tall willow trees in the shape of cypresses, and dead trees in the murky water. Slimes can also be found above ground in the Bayou.


The Bayou biome is very flat (like all swamp-like biomes). The sky has a light grayish green color. Bayou can be divided into two parts: a submerged part, and a land part. The ground of the land part is made of dirt and is covered by grass and few mushrooms. Some very small patches of water can be found inside the land part. The land part has a forest of willow trees with a cypress form. It has a base of a cross of logs (see image in the gallery) whose size can vary from two blocks high to 5 blocks high, and an upper part with a classic trunk form than can be from 8 to 14 blocks tall. Foliage is mainly willow trees, but there are some dead trees as well.

The submerged part has its ground covered by one to two layers of water and is made of dirt, mud and some clay patches. Water has algae and lilypads growing in it and has a light green color. There are some scattered dead trees having the same form as trees on the land. Next to water, on land, some rare Cattails grow.

Villages can spawn in this biome, along with witch huts too.

Surviving in this biome can be pretty easy. It has a large amount of wood, and a lot of grass to get seeds. Additionally, mud can provide the player an armor without having to wait for iron, and a building material. Cattails can be also used for making wool and thus a bed without having to search for sheep. The player may also find a village, which makes surviving even easier.

  • One may decide to build their house on the land part, but one can make also their house in the submerged part, using dead trees as the material to build the house. If the player decides to make their house in the submerged part of the bayou, they would be protected from mobs as mobs cannot spawn on or in water (except for squids).Sometimes, spawn in this biome.

Interesting StrategiesEdit

BRIDGEBUILDING. First: Build a bridge across the submerged area (MAKE IT TALL). Then, build off the bottom of the bridge. Build a building attached to the bottom of the bridge, and a small platform to land on when you jump off the bridge. The building will be above the water so hostile mobs can't get on, but the AIs only have basic pathfinding so they will not follow you down onto the platform unless they chase you down. Summary: BRIDGEBUILDING. Bridges make building on the submerged part a little safer.


  • Bayou, in real life, is the name given in USA for swamp wetlands in southern USA. Also, having villages enable to spawn in this biome in the game may be a reference to real life bayou villages and small cities that can be found in Louisiana, Florida, etc.
  • Before 1.8, the biome ID was 27.
  • Bayou biome is one of the swamp/wetland biome with the least amount of water.


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