Listed are some of the many biomes that you can discover with Biomes O' Plenty.

Although there are 67 biomes as biome nerfed.

Biome ID Name Description Image
42 Alps High mountains coated with snow blocks, under the snow blocks lay spring water pools. This was made to resemble the mountain range located in Central Europe.
2016-07-09 10.09.41
43 Bamboo Forest A biome made of tall lush bamboo trees. The floor can sometimes be made of Podzol blocks. 2016-07-02 14.56.55
44 Bayou A flat marsh biome of willow trees with grey murky water. Bayou
45 Bog The Bog consists of decaying trees and frequent water & poison pools. Bog 1 9 4
46 Boreal Forest Forests of Spruce and deciduous trees mixed together, to form this biome. Borealforest
47 Brushland The Brushland consists of spread out small brush-like trees (hence the name). Brushland.png
48 Chaparral Biome consisting of hilly landscape, scattered small shrubs, and bushes. Small pockets of stone can also be found. Chaparral 1.8.8
49 Cherry Blossom Grove A beautiful and wondrous biome containing lush-coloured grass with Pink and White Cherry Trees. CherryBlossomGroveSilty
50 Cold Desert A new biome released in 1.8, flat gravel, snow and stone covered grounds with some ice pits, serves as a replacement for Arctic Biomes. ColdDesert
51 Coniferous Forest Gigantic fir tree forests with a cool temperature and dull colored grass. Coniferous Forest
52 Crag Large stone pillars with flat tops and Overgrown Stone Crag 1.11.2
53 Dead Forest Dying forest full of sparsely populated trees. Dead Forest 1 9 4
54 Dead Swamp Swamp biome consisting of dying trees and dark green grass. Deadswampone
55 Eucalyptus Forest A forest biome consisting of tall, thin trees with many oak shrubs littered on the ground. Eucalyptus Forest 1.8
56 Fen A decaying forest filled with tallish dark oak and dying trees. Fen 1 9 4
57 Flower Field A vast expanse of flat terrain with tulips on almost every piece of ground. Flower-Field
58 Grassland Treeless, plain-like biome with many ponds here and there along with an abundance of sugar canes. Grassland-alt1
59 Grove Beautiful Birch and Spruce Pear-Shaped trees make up this biome of dark grass. Grove
60 Highland This biome consists of rough, high terrain with cobblestone boulders and lacks trees. HighlandMDCc
61 Land Of Lakes A colorful, mixed forest, made up of scattered islands around large lakes, created to resemble the forests around the Great Lakes of southern Canada and the United States. LandOfLakes 1 9 4
62 Lavender Fields Beautiful fields of lavender and jacaranda trees, with the occasional oak tree. LavenderFieldsSilty
63 Lush Desert Desert made of hardened clay and flourishing, but messy trees. Unlike deserts, lush deserts have more vegetation. 2016-03-19 08.59.34
64 Lush Swamp Rich swamps providing more welcoming shades of green. LushSwamp 1 9 4
65 Mangrove A swampy forest of many Mangrove Trees sprouting out from the water. Water in this biome turns into a greyish green color. Mangrove New
66 Maple Woods Maple and spruce trees littered about that resemble a taiga-like biome. Maple Woods
67 Marsh Flat land at sea level with many small pools and dirt patches. Marsh1 9 4
68 Meadow A grassy biome with a few spruce trees and bushes scattered around. Meadow
69 Moor Highlands of deep blue pools and swampflowers Moor
70 Mountain Mountain Peaks of Oak, Pine and a range of blocks made to recreate the high Outdoor Wilderness. Mountain-alt1
71 Mystic Grove Majestic grove of purple waters and beautiful enchanted trees. It is rare to find, though. MysticGroveSilty
72 Ominous Woods Dark Purple woods with a special sky and water colour. Poison pools can spawn here and several dangerous plants. Beware! Ominous Woods 1 9 4
73 Orchard Formerly a sub-biome for the plains, it is now fields of large oak trees and bright grass, now serves as a replacement for the Dense Forest and possibly the Overgrown Greens. Orchard1 9 4
74 Outback Dusty flatlands with shrubs and red sand. Outback
75 Overgrown Cliffs A very new tropical biome consisting of flat basins and huge high peaks of large Oak Bushes and Mahogany Trees. OvergrownCliffs2
76 Prairie A biome with light-colored grass and several trees scattered. 2016-03-19 09.04.22
77 Quagmire Muddy pits of frequent water pools and dead trees. The water is colored a rich brown and hardly any plants can grow in this biome. Quagmire1.10.2
78 Rainforest A lush biome with many flowering oak trees. Rainforest3
79 Redwood Forest A forest of tall Redwood Trees with oak shrubs. This was made to resemble the Redwood Forests in Northern California. Redwood1 9 4
80 Sacred Springs Lush bushes and grass make up the changing terrain of this wonderful biome, as they contain huge Sacred Oak trees, albeit being very spread out.== == Sacred Springs 1 9 4
81 Seasonal Forest Forests of tall birch and oak trees with different colored autumn leaves. SeasonalForestMDC
82 Shield A dark grass and stone covered biome, made to resemble the Canadian Shield and the foilage of Canada. Shield
83 Shrubland A relatively flat biome with oak shrubs and many allium flowers. Shrubland
84 Snowy Coniferous Forest Snowy variant of the Coniferous Forest biome. Snowy Coniferous Forest
85 Snowy Forest A hazy oak forest covered with snow. Before 1.8 it was named Frost Forest. SnowyForestSilty
86 Steppe Treeless semi-wasteland of dull sand and the occasional lakes. Steppe1 9 4
87 Temperate Rainforest Tall, coniferous trees in a wet temperate environment. TempRainforest01
88 Tropical Rainforest A beautiful biome made of unique mahogany trees, vibrant, lime green foliage and murky green water. Tropical
89 Tundra A snowless wasteland of shrubs and cobblestone. TundraSilty
90 Wasteland A hazy biome with pools of poison and murky water. Dead trees also appear in this biome. It is an inhospitable place, and not recommended for beginners. Wasteland 1 9 4
91 Wetland Lush swamps with a deep blue water color and willow trees. 2016-03-19 09.06.19
92 Woodland Dry forests of only oak and logs. Woodland
93 Xeric Shrubland A rare desert biome of several patches of grass and some bushes. Xeric Shrubland New

Sub BiomesEdit

Biome ID Name Description Image
94 Alps Foothills A lower down sub-biome of the Alps, contains snow covered overgrown stone and fir tress scattered around. Alps Foothills
95 Mountain Foothills A lower down sub-biome of the Mountain Peaks, contains varied terrain, Pine and coarse dirt. MountainFoothills
96 Glacier A sub-biome to Arctic biome. Tall plateau hills with a layer of ice and Hardened Ice below generate here. 2016-06-11 11.52.47
97 Oasis A sub-biome of the desert. Many palm trees and a few ponds spawn in this biome. 2016-06-11 11.52.02

Oceanic Biomes (Includes Island and Beach Biomes)Edit

Biome ID Name Description Image
40 Gravel Beach A beach made entirely of gravel, mainly spawns adjacent to Woodland or other temperate biomes. GravelBeach01
41 White Beach A beach made entirely of white sand White Beach
98 Coral Reef An underwater biome consisting of many different types of corals. Coral 1 9 4
99 Kelp Forest An underwater biome consisting of tall kelp usually standing about 5-10 blocks high. KelpForest01
100 Origin Island Where it all started: A perfect replica of the original Minecraft Classic, including roses which were removed in vanilla 1.7. Origin Island
101 Tropical Island A rare island biome with palm trees and bright blue skies. Sub-biome of the Ocean Tropics08
102 Volcanic Island A desolate biome with lots of lava. This biome used to generate in large areas, but can only be found as a rare ocean sub-biome island in later versions. It is dangerous, note the lava and steep incline. Volcanic Island
103 Flower Island A flat biome with long grass blocks and giant flowers. Flower Island

Nether BiomesEdit

Biome ID Name Description Image
104 Corrupted Sands A nether biome with a desert of soul sand and Quicksand Corrupted Sands 1.11.2
105 Fungi Forest A nether biome with tall mushrooms and small mushrooms alike. Fungi Forest 1.11.2
106 Phantasmagoric Inferno A volcanic-like biome that is very similar to the Deadlands biome. 2014-06-06 22.47.08
107 Polar Chasm A very rare nether biome made out of Hardened Ice and patches of snow and regular ice. Polar Chasm 1.11.2 2
108 Undergarden A garden with small hellbark trees, grass, eyebulbs, and ivy hanging from the ceiling. WjLHJnZ
109 Visceral Heap A nether biome that generates flesh blocks, eyebulbs and blood. 4FMu8xr

End BiomesEdit

Biome ID Name Description Image
? Spectral Garden An unused end biome. It would have Specteral items. It could be added soon since new features for the End like Biome Essence Ore and Ender Amethyst are being added.

Removed BiomesEdit

This list also includes biomes which were replaced by vanilla biomes with the same name, such as Mesa, or Birch Forest. NOTE: When adding IPs, add the last version the biome appeared in.

Biome ID Name Description Image
Arctic A flat wasteland with no trees or tall grass, however villages can spawn. In earlier versions these were forests with tall fir trees. Removed in BOP for 1.8. Arctic Biome
Boneyard A nether biome that generates large bone structures pointing out from the ground and the ceiling. Not present in the new 1.11.2 nether due the Minecraft's own addition of bone blocks. Boneyard05
Canyon Canyons are large hills made of Hardened Dirt with some trees. Canyon04
Deciduous Forest A forest filled with tall oak trees. Small birch and oak shrubs can be found on the ground. They somewhat resemble Temperate Rainforests. Deciduous-Forest
Dense Forest Dense forest of large oak trees and some small pockets where shrubs spread across the ground. Dense Forest
Dunes Enormous desert hills with dunes grass scattered everywhere 2013-10-13 03.09.08
Fungi Forest A lush, forest biome with grown mushrooms and jungle trees. Small patches of Mycelium and rare herds of Mooshroom cows can be found here. XSUmuXe
59 Heathland Incredibly Detailed Hills of Pine Trees and bright purple Wildflowers. Heathland1 9 4
Jade Cliffs Twisting jade-coloured mountain cliffs covered with pine trees, created due to an opinion poll. Jade-Cliffs
Land Of Lakes Marshland Sub-biome to the Land of Lakes biome. Many small pools surrounded by mud are found here. Land of Lakes Marsh
Meadow Forest A sub-biome of the Meadow. Consists of many more spruce trees. Meadow Forest
Overgrown Greens A lush plains biome consisting of messy grass everywhere and large oak trees. Overgrown Greens
Scrubland Dry Grassland with shrubs and some trees. Scrubland
Silkglades A rare swampy biome with many patches of cobwebs. The foliage shows its dark, dull color. Silkglades03
Sludgepit Dark and dense marshes with large shallow green ponds. Large oak trees prevent sunlight from reaching the ground. Sludgepit02
Thicket Dense, dull-colored Shrubs take up the majority of this biome. Thorns are also found on the ground. Thicket
Snowy Dead Forest A snowy version of the Dead Forest biome. SnowyDeadForestMDC
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