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  • Download the latest version of the Forge installer from here.
  • Run the installer and select client/server. Start Minecraft using the Forge profile.
  • Exit the game.
  • Re-launch Minecraft and create a new world with default or the new worldtype, "Biomes O' Plenty".
    • If you want to run Biomes O' Plenty on an existing world and be able to generate _new_ content/chunks with the mod, you will need to get an NBT editor and edit your level.dat file. Change the generationName from "DEFAULT" to "BIOMESOP". New chunks will be created with the Biomes O' Plenty world generator instead of the Vanilla one. (note: this will only work on worlds where generatorName are in the Level.dat file, not all minecraft versions have the same file formats for all things; this was tested on 1.7.2 and should be valid for all 1.7.x versions, and probably 1.6.x as well)
  • Have fun exploring the new landscapes of this Minecraft modpack!




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