This Content was Removed

This page contains features of Biomes o' Plenty which are removed in later versions.

Darts are projectile ammunition, similar to arrows. They can be shot out of a Dart Blower or a Dispenser.

Darts deal Heart damage and break upon impact, but they can be shot without charging to make up for their disadvantage.


Darts and Dart Blowers were removed in later versions of BOP for Minecraft 1.9. They were probably removed because of them not fitting Biomes O' Plenty's style. They might be moved to Glitchfiend's other mods, such as the survival mods.


One Thorn, River Cane and feather can be used to craft four darts, similar to the arrow recipe.


Using poison, a dart can be turned into a Poison Dart.



The old item ID is 21269/0.