Ender amethyst is a gem dropped by amethyst ore found in the End. It is used for Enderporters.

Tools & ArmourEdit


This Content was Removed

This page contains features of Biomes o' Plenty which are removed in later versions.

Each tool has 2014 uses, compared to the 1562 uses of diamond tools. All tools must be made using iron ingots instead of sticks. The armour and tools for Amethyst however was removed in Build 1.9.4-, because of them being the most complained about, and possibly because of the combat redesign in Minecraft 1.9.

  • Pickaxe: +7 Attack Damage, 5.3 seconds
  • Hoe: +0 Attack Damage
  • Scythe: +0 Attack Damage
  • Sword: +9 Attack Damage

A full set of amethyst armor will have more defense points than is shown in the bar, as it was only designed to show all of the defense points provided by full diamond armour.

  • Chestplate: Provides 12 Defense Points: ArmorArmorArmorArmorArmorArmor
  • Leggings: Provides 10 Defense Points: ArmorArmorArmorArmorArmor
  • Helmet: Provides 6 Defense Points: ArmorArmorArmor
  • Boots: Provides 6 Defense Points: ArmorArmorArmor

Before 1.8Edit

Before 1.8, amethyst was found in the Promised Land. However after the Promised Land was removed, it was useless, until 1.9.4 where it was readded to The End along with Biome Essence Ore and Celestial Crystals.


  • In real life, amethyst is the name of purple quartz.
  • In real life, diamond is stronger than Amethyst.
    • It is only a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, while diamonds are ten—the highest value of any mineral. However, some claim that lonsdaleite is even harder.
  • The old ID for Amethyst before 1.8 was 21266/2.

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