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Biome Information
Biome ID 195
Class Biome O' Plenty
Realism Fantasy
Precipitation Rain
Heat Normal
Villages No
Emerald Ore -

The Garden is rolling hills covered with vibrant vegetation and Giant Flowers instead of trees. This is the only biome where Rosesters naturally spawn. a seed is 123456789098765432


The Biome is flattened hills, fluctuating between 70 and 80 at most heights. Instead of regular grass blocks the surface is comprised of Long Grass Blocks covered in shrubs, sprouts, high grass and patches of flowers like Roses, Dandelions,  Sunflowers, White Anemones and Blue Hydrangeas. Occasional oak shrubs spawn.

Although it may seem like paradise, the lack of trees requires importing trees from elsewhere, and flattening the dense grass is laborious.

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