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This page contains features of Biomes o' Plenty which are removed in later versions.

The Hot Springs biome consists of Pine and Spruce trees. Naturally occurring hot springs with Spring Water can occur. Spring Water gives the Regeneration effect, which heals players, as well as a new Nourishment effect, which restores hunger. (In 1.7.10, this biome appears to have been removed.)

Surviving Edit

Surviving is fairly easy with nether portals easily made with the lava beneath the spring water. The pine and Spruce trees are useful to make bases, landscape is rather hard to find a flat space to build on. The Spring Water gives you the health regeneration and Nourishment. Nourishment is fine to stop the hunger from damaging you, but if you really want to drink it, but not soak yourself in it, you would need a special bucket called Amethyst Bucket, and scoop it up then you can put it on a small space for later on. Note that the Spring Water is not infinite like regular water. Also note that transporting spring water early and mid game because amethyst is only acquirable in the Promised Land which requires a nether star and end stone. It also is not registered as its own fluid due to the fact that it turns into regular water when bucketed, therefore pumps, tanks and any other form of liquid storage does not work. It is then advised to situate your early game home near one of these pools.

A good seed for a Hot Spring biome is: 6104747075808482399. The coordinates for this seed are x: -126 and z: 309. This seed does not work in version 1.7.10.

If you are also using a mod such as IndustrialCraft, Hot Springs biomes can be extremely useful as the lava underground is easy to pump up for energy.

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