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This page contains features of Biomes o' Plenty which are removed in later versions.

Description Edit

The Icy Hills biome is a frigid biome where the "trees" are made of ice and snow golems spawn naturally.The sky in the Icy Hills biome is very foggy and the sun becomes nothing but a bright patch in the sky, as seen below.

The terrain is, as the name implies, hilly with several blocks of snow forming much of the surface above the stone below; snow blocks even make up the floor of the biome's frozen rivers.

Vegetation Edit

There is no real vegetation in this biome.

Mobs and NPCs Edit

Snow golems spawn naturally. Passive mobs do not spawn, hostile mobs do spawn at night and have ample "shade" to hide in during the day due to the large bases of the ice trees.

Early Survival Edit

Survival in the Icy Hills biome is difficult as there is very little dirt, wood, or grass. Also, as passive mobs do not spawn here, the only chance is to kill zombies and eat rotten flesh, that will cause hunger. To survive successfully, it is recommended to farm animals brought from other biomes.

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