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This page contains features of Biomes o' Plenty which are removed in later versions.


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This biome is full of beautiful waterfalls and cliff overhangs. Clouds block out the sunlight, making the sky appear grey. The trees are Pine Trees that are made out of pine wood, which when made into planks resembles jungle wood with a greyish tinge. Oak shrubs grow on the ground along with a variety of grasses. 

Jade Cliffs have Jade and are a relatively nice place to live. They are also good to quarry, as they spawn up to a decent height. 


Survival can vary from easy to hard, depending on your location. Be aware that mobs spawn more frequently in this biome's abundant dark spaces, such as beneath the overhangs of the cliffs and under the dense canopy of the trees. The abundance of wood aboveground and coal below provide easy access to fuel. Wild Carrots spawn here and other plant life can be harvested for seeds, giving you a supply of food.