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Similar to vanilla swamps from Beta 1.9, this swamp is very green and verdant. The water is vibrant blue and the grass is a virulent green.

Land Forms Edit

Modestly hilly landscape interspersed with large lakes. Many cavern entrances available. Hilltops range to y = 75. Multiple poison ponds may be found.

Trees & Vegetation Edit

Trees in this biome are tall, with oak logs and leaves and hanging ivy. Tall grass, ferns and bushes spawn sparsely. Mushrooms spawn naturally.

Trees: Special (umbrella) form of vanilla Oak Tree generated at world gen. Saplings produce vanilla Oak Tree form.

Plants: Vanilla: Vines grow abundantly and Red and Brown Mushrooms can be found. Sugar Cane grows along lakeshores. BoP: Cattail & Tall Cattail, Toadstool, Koru, Berry Bush, Reed, Flowered Lily Pad, Leaf Pile, River Cane, Wild Rice, Damp Grass.

Flowers: Vanilla: Dandelion, Poppy, Blue Orchid, Azure Bluet BoP: Swampflower, Blue Hydrangea, Blue Milk Cap

Mobs & NPCs Edit

Villages spawn that in Lush Swamps are unique in that their cobblestone is replaced with Mossy Cobblestone.

It is reported that Ghasts spawn naturally in this biome.


  • The old Biome ID before 1.8 was 71.

Gallery Edit

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