2014-06-28 12.33.40

Two different sized Mahogany trees

Mahogany Trees are very similar to Jungle trees and can be found in the Tropical Rainforest biome. The come in various lengths, but the tree build of the tree is always the same. it has a 1 block wide trunk, which then separates in 4 branches before the leaves start. The leaf canopy of a Mahogany tree is square (with the corners missing) and pyramid-shaped. The wood has the same texture as jungle wood, but is a little bit pinker. The planks made from Mahogany wood also have a pink color and can be used to make cases. 

2014-06-28 12.43.29

Mahogany trees found in a Tropical Rainforest biome.

2014-06-28 12.35.16

Mahogany wood, leaves, planks and sapling