Moor is a hilly biome which has dark greenish grass and mud around the ponds. The sky has a slight green tint to it and the water is a dark blue color. No animals or trees spawn in this biome.


This biome is hilly and filled with lakes. Survival is hard here as there are no animals or villages and trees rarely spawn in this biome. Swampflowers and tall grasses are the only abundant plants here. The grass and dirt found in this biome are variants called Loamy Grass and Loamy Dirt, respectively.


  • Moors or moorlands are, in real life, low-vegetation grounds with acidic soil, which explains it.
  • Some moors are found in the UK and other numerous ones in Europe and South America.
  • If you have Industrialcraft (2) installed then Rubber Trees will spawn in the moor as well as the normal small trees
  • Before 1.8, its ID was 75


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