Mountain Peak is a hilly biome made of grass, stone, gravel and sparsely-populated trees. The trees consist of pine trees and oak trees. In 1.8 it was renamed Mountain Peak and a Sub biome was added. It ranges from y125 to y145 in height.


Surviving in this biome is fairly easy. Wood is common here, minerals can be found here but food is hard to obtain. Be careful of the steep drops on the edge of the biome, abiet the steep drops being easier to climb than most other high biomes.

Mountain FoothillsEdit


Mountain Foothills is a sub biome, it is a lower down (y90-y120) and more bright-coloured biome. It contains Coarse Dirt instead of stone. Unlike many of the other high level biomes, it is much more unevenly levelled. Flax and Berry Bushes are common flora in the lower level foothills. 

Seeds Edit


  • -3875833115283785506


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