The Mystic Grove biome is a fantasy biome filled with Magic Trees, Large Flowering Oak Trees and Jacaranda Trees. It has occasional pools of Hot Spring Water. Pixies and Snails spawn within this biome. The sky is lush green, the grass is dark teal and the water appears a vibrant purple. Glowflowers, Blue Hydrangeas, Pink Daffodils, Clover Patches and Shrubs appear as flowers in this biome. So do various types of Lily Pads. Giant Red Mushrooms also appear but are rare.

If you do indeed have a great desire to visit a Mystic Grove but cannot find one, if you have cheats enabled for your world you can type /bop tpbiome 71. This will teleport you to the nearest Mystic Grove biome.

NPCs & Mobs Edit

This beautiful, majestic biome is also swarmed by wild packs of witches during the night and sometimes in day. At night pixies spawn as well (Sometimes at day too). Snails spawn in the latest versions often too, however they cannot currently move yet as their code is still under construction.

Trees & Vegetation Edit

Trees are very common here. Oak trees with ivy, as well as Magic and Jacaranda trees can be found here. Glowflowers, glowshrooms, Pink Daffodils and other decorative vegetation spawn naturally. Also there are occasional vines and Moss.

Spring Water Edit

In the Mystic Grove there are some pools of Spring Water. Sadly they are pretty rare and hard to find.

  • In very early versions of BOP: Magic Trees were more like pine trees and they had different textures.
  • Before BOP 1.8, Mystic Grove Biomes had Poisonous Liquid Pools and some Willow Trees.

Survival Tactics Edit

The Mystic Grove is one of the worst starting biomes but is okay for more advanced players. Witches constantly spawn in this biome. If you survive all that there are a few advantages- killing witches give glowstone dust and redstone, as well as the very tall trees. Those contain your only readily accessible food supply: Apples. The tall trees are also an advantage because, if you have Treecapacitator (recommended), it's raining wood. Don't get caught out at night, and you'll be fine.

Seeds Edit

  • -7450571123272491507 (1.8.9)


Historic (1.7.2)Edit

Historic (1.6.4)Edit

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