The Ominous Woods biome is a dark, heavily wooded biome with pools of Poisonous Liquid. It will also spawn small pools of normal water and lava. This biome uses Loamy Grass and Loamy Dirt. It features fog that can obscure visibility.


The biome grows several kinds of tree: Dead and Dying Trees, and Umbran Trees that produce a Umbran Wood, which is purplish, and Umbran Saplings. Umbran Trees come in two varieties: 2x2 Pine and Swampland-like Trees with Moss. It contains Thorns that damage the player. It also spawns Deathblooms which cause the Withering effect and damage upon touching them. Other flora here includes: Grass, Mushrooms, and Dead Leaf Piles. Poison Ivy may also generate here. Sugar Cane may spawn near pools.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Villages do not spawn here, nor do common passive mobs.


This is one of the most difficult biomes to survive in for beginners, but if you're okay with everything trying to kill you, it's quite a nice place to live. There is very little to eat, and both the Thorns and Deathblooms will sap hunger and health if the player is careless. Do note that the farther you go into these woods, the more fog there is and the harder it is to see.


Prior to the 1.8 version of BoP, Dark Wood was used instead of Umbran Wood, which has a slightly different texture. Cave Spiders, hostile wolves, and Endermen were the only mobs that spawn in this biome. Thick Ominous Woods was sub-biome to this biome. It contained Thick Dark Trees which were much taller, that are more common there than in the Normal Ominous woods. In more recent updates for BOP before 1.8, a thick fog was added.




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