Pine trees are found in cooler biomes like Shield, Meadow, Heathland and Mountain.


Two Pine Trees


Shield Biome with Pine Trees

They can not be planted and grown in Lush deserts, or any kind of wetland biome.

It can be difficult to tell Pine Trees apart from other conifers (Fir and Spruce Trees) and Oak Trees. Fir Wood has a darker texture. Fir Wood has a much greyer and lighter texture. Oak wood slightly lighter and has a more yellow tinge, instead of Pine Wood's redder tones.


Comparison of Oak, Fir, Spruce, and Pine Wood in that order

Raw wood: Pine wood

Planks: Pine Planks

Crafting: slabs, stairs

Similar to giant spruce trees.

  • Pine Sapling
  • Pine Wood
  • Pine Planks

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