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Sacred Springs

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Sacred Springs
Biome Information
Biome ID -
Class Biomes O' Plenty
Realism Fantasy
Precipitation Rain
Heat Hot
Villages No
Emerald Ore Yes

The Sacred Springs is a lush, hilly tropical biome.

It has no tall trees and is almost entirely covered by small shrubs and has Sacred Oak Trees. It has dark green grass, a deep blue sky and intermittent springs spouting from hills found throughout the biome.

Jungle Spiders and regular Vanilla mobs like Creepers and Zombies can spawn in the Sacred Springs biome, but mob spawning tends to be somewhat limited because leaf blocks are translucent when the game runs using "Fancy" graphics and so cannot support mob spawns.

Being a tropical biome, jungle temples may spawn in Sacred Springs.

After BOP 1.2.0, Sacred Oak spawn in Sacred Springs.

A Sacred Springs seed: -3987112692367372233

Version exclusive:

2014-01-19 10.47.41

Sacred Springs in a recent update.

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