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This page contains features of Biomes o' Plenty which are removed in later versions.

The Silkglades is a rare swampy biome with patches of cobwebs strewn around its mountainous landscape. Vines drip off of many trees and mushrooms spawn below the tree cover. This biome was removed when BOP 1.8 was released.


Willow trees and drab green oak trees spawn naturally as well as mushrooms and sparse tall grass.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Spiders replace many hostile mob spawns, but during the day will only be hostile if encountered in the dark.

Passive mobs spawn naturally.

Features Edit

Cobwebs are strewn about the ground in various places. These are non-renewable, however; they do quicken the access to string and can be crafted into wool making an early bed easily obtainable.

Early SurvivalEdit

The silk glades are not a terribly good first day survival choice because of the spawning primarily consisting of spiders and the common spawning of cobweb patches around the land. This being combined with the partially dead swamp like biome makes the silk glades a very poor choice for living.


  • 1511247417834665824- A rather small preview of a Silk Glades can be found at: X= -442, Y= 86, Z= 516