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Description Edit

The Sludgepit is a dark, swampy biome with a dense canopy of large trees. Mud, and pools of poison water spawn naturally in this biome.

Vegetation Edit

Algae and Reeds occupy the water and its edge respectively. Large and small oak trees pop up evenly in and out of the water.

Dead bushes and tall grass litter the dusky green grass where mud has not taken over. Red and brown mushrooms spawn naturally.

Mobs & NPCs Edit

There are no passive mobs. Witch huts spawn in this biome. Villages can spawn in this biome as well, though they are often flooded.

Early Survival Edit

Surviving in the Sludgepit could be quite hard as there are no passive mobs in it. Food sources are limited to apples which can be dropped by destroying oak leaves, as well as red and brown mushrooms which can be crafted into mushroom soup. Wood is plentiful, and mud balls can also be used as a crafting replacement in many ways as well.

Seeds Edit


  • A Witch's Hut
  • A swampy sea, common in this biome
  • Reeds spawn here in large amounts
  • Sludgepit biome from above
  • Sludgepit biome
  • Witch Hut spawned in the middle of a pool
  • Pool with Poisoned Water
  • Poision effect
  • Village in Sludgepit
  • Village in Sludgepit


  1. This does not appear to be a 1.6.4 seed.