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An unused biome, it would be the only one to spawn in The End. It would consist of Spectral Moss, Enderlotus, and Spectral Ferns. It could have something to do with Ethereal Trees additionally.

fan-made images Edit

2016-08-13 16.48.41
Fanmade Spectral Garden
2017-05-12 01.31.14

fan made spectral garden by GumaSamu

This is a fan-made Spectral Garden to predict how it looks like.

None of them were official and just an idea how do they look.

If you have created your own Spectral Garden, feel free to upload the picture here.

Note: If an actual Spectral Garden is added, please quickly remove the screenshots

Used LonelyBiome to set the Overworld Biome to that of the Spectral Garden in 1.7.10. This was the result:

2017-05-12 01.31.25

In my opinion there will be a special liquid in the spectral garden, not added yet, i replaced it with hot spring water


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