Not to be confused with Cactus, a vanilla Minecraft block.

Tiny Cacti are plants that spawn in Desert and Desert-like biomes, such as the Lush Desert, Vanilla Desert, and Mesa (BoP). It deals damage to both the player and mobs when walked into and can be smelted into Cactus Green via a Furnace. Applying Bone Meal to a Tiny Cactus will turn it into a Cactus block from vanilla Minecraft. It may take multiple pieces of Bone Meal. Picking it up doesn't require a pair of Shears.

Useages Edit

Tiny Cacti can be placed in a 2+ block wide pit around your home/base to prevent hostile mobs from crowding around your home. They can also be smelted into Cactus Green, or grown into vanilla Cacti via Bone Meal.

Tiny Cacti cannot be placed in a Flower Pot, vanilla Cacti must be used instead.

Trivia Edit

  • Tiny Cacti heavily resemble ball cacti, specifically, the pink-flowered Coryphantha genus of cactus.