The Tundra is a relatively flat, cold biome.


This biome was created to resemble the tundra of Siberia and northern North America, both inhospitable places. The surface is covered by green-brown Silty Grass. The ground is covered only by red colored bushes and Cobblestone boulders (similar to the ones found in vanilla Mega taiga biomes, but without moss). The land has many small lakes, which are generally bordered by gravel.


Only small plants grow in the biome. There are small red-brown bushes dotting the land, each with only a single oak log within. Decorative vegetation includes red Leaf Piles, Dead Leaf Piles, red Shrubs, Violets, and green-brown Short Grass. Reeds can be found in the lakes of this biome. Cave systems in this biome often have Roots.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Squid seem to be the only passive mobs to spawn in this biome.


Survival is tough here, with the only wood coming from the single oak log in every bush, and no actual trees present. Because the only passive mobs to spawn in this biome are squid, the only meat source is Rotten Flesh from zombies, which is not ideal.


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