The Wasteland is a harsh, cruel, and inhospitable biome.


The sky is a dark, yellowish gray, and the biome has no useful vegetation. Water is tint a deep, sludge-y green, and pools of lava and Poisonous Liquid also occur. Oddly, its rarity is listed as 50, well outside the normal biome weightings of 1 (rare) to 10 (common).


What vegetation there is is dead or not especially useful: Dead Trees, Dead Grass, Wilted Lilies, Desert Grass. Some of the Dead Trees feature dead leaves, although these are less common.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

No passive mobs spawn here. Hostiles still spawn at night and in the right conditions.


Survival here is next to impossible. The dead wood that can be found at the surface of the biome cannot be crafted into planks. A player's only source of wood planks is from Abandoned Mineshafts deep underground. Food is also a problem due to the lack of flora and fauna.


In earlier versions of BOP, this biome had dirt spikes coming out of the ground, although in the 1.8/1.9 update of the mod, the random spikes of dirt appear to have been removed, and the dirt color has changed to a darker black.


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