The Xeric Shrubland biome is made up of small hills of sand and dirt with grass, flowers, dead shrubs, and cacti littered about. In 1.9 or later, this biome have acacia leaves in ther floor, as well some brushes with one or two acacia logs.

Description Edit

The Xeric Shrubland is a type of desert biome. The ground is made up of sand, grass blocks, and acacia leaves. There seem to be a fair amount of small water lakes, as well as living plants, such as small shrubs, big and small cacti, dead bushes, grass, and several kinds of flowers. Passive mobs do not seem to spawn here.

Villages spawn in this biome (1.9)

Survival Tactics Edit

Survival in this biome is somewhat easy. Trees and farm plants are easy to grow because of the abundance of shrubs, grass, dirt, and water. Farm animals do not spawn even on the grass, so if animals are desired they must be brought from adjacent biomes. Hills are generally too small to build a house on, therefore, it is difficult to see an enemy coming, or indeed rush them or run away.

Seed Edit

  • 201519186879953 (For 1.9): Coordinates: X: -160 Y: 70 and Z: 1900. You will spawn in xeric shrubland, surronded by vanilla mesa biome, Lavender Fields. More after you will spawn in vanilla plains biome next to the Redwood Forest.
  • 8027443265845556548 (For 1.10): Coordinates: X: 3300 Y: 68 Z: 3600

Trivia Edit

  • This biome appears to be exceedingly rare, despite being one of the largest terrestrial biomes on Earth.
  • This biome was added as part of a community poll for biome ideas.


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